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The Free Motion Assistant was previously sold as Fabric Mover and Fab-U-Motion® with Quilter's Cruise Control®.

LiTen Up Technologies, Inc. is the sole manufacturer of these products.

FMA_small FMA_large
Free Motion Assistant, Small - without Quilter's Cruise Control
Free Motion Assistant, Small - with Quilter's Cruise Control
Free Motion Assistant, large - with Quilter's Cruise Control


Free Motion Assistant - without Quilter's Cruise Control
Free Motion Assistant - with Quilter's Cruise Control


Free Motion Assistant Parts and Accessories


Part Name: Foot Switch

Description: This power switch works with the Free Motion Assistant with Quilter’s Cruise Control. Price: $25


Part Name: QCC Power Transformer

Description: 6-volt DC power supply for use with Quilter’s Cruise Control (labeled). It comes standard with purchase of a new Quilter’s Cruise Control. Price: $25 and $45

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Part Name: Connector Cord

Description: This cord plugs into the QCC brain and the sewing machine's foot pedal port. Price $20

  • Cord "A" plugs into various Brother, Babylock, Pfaff, and Viking sewing machines.
  • Cord "B" plugs into various Pfaff and Viking sewing machines.
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Part Name: DVD "Using Your Free Motion Assistant"

Description: This DVD demonstrates the use of the Free Motion Assistant. Price: $34.95


Part Name: QCC Brain

Description: The Quilter's Cruise Control regulates the stitch length of the sewing machine. The brain is sewing machine-specific; necessary cords and optical encoders sold separately. (models vary by color; may not be as shown) Price: $325

Call for details on ordering: 847-918-8270

QCC Brain


Optical Encoders, Wiring Harness, and other mechanical parts are available for purchase. They are not listed here as they require that the unit be returned to LiTen Up Technologies, Inc. for replacement and installation. Download the Service/Repair Ticket found on our Support page.


Some items are demonstrated on our Videos page.