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~ QBOT V3 Accessories ~

Laser Precision Pointer

Description: This handy tool is a must-have in the QBOT V3 quilting studio. Simply attach the laser and battery pack to the front of the sewing machine aimed at a point within a few inches of the needle. In the QBOT V3 app, use the laser offset feature and you're ready to select your boundary points with exacting precision.

Available in 2 cord lengths, 14" and 48" (shorter requires the battery pack to be in close proximity to the laser; mounting location determines cord length needed).

The 2-battery pack option is highly recommended for commercial/professional QBOT'll always have one charged and ready. Typical battery charge is 24 hours of use. Shipments to non-USA addresses may incur additional shipping charges, processed separately.

Purchasing Options
Cord Length


QBOT V3 videos on disk

Description: This disk contains V3 videos as seen on our YouTube Channel. Disk plays on your laptop or desktop computer (PC and Mac) - no internet connection required. The following videos are included:

  • Start Here
  • File Management
  • Settings & Help
  • Pattern Quitling
  • Quilting & %Restart
  • Edge-to-Edge Nesting
  • Overlay
  • Line Quilting
  • Curves Feature in Line Quilting
  • 4-Point Quick Scale


Price: $7.50, includes 1st class shipping.

Enter QBOT Serial Number if possible.

QBOT Serial Number (QB0xxxx)


~ QBOT Accessories ~

Quilt Grips

These clever helpers are a must-have at the quilting frame! Floating your fabric/quilt top on the frame is easy with these handy notions, as they gently provide assistance for you down the length of the rail.

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QBOT Version 2 DVD

This is the standard DVD as included with the factory-packaged Version 2 QBOT. This disk includes the Version 2 videos as seen on YouTube, a backup copy of the Version 2 User Manual, and quilting design files: Sampler Collections 1 and 2 from Golden Threads and FasTrax Collection 1.



QBOT-compatible SD Card

This blank/empty 2GB card will work in version 1 and version 2 QBOT, digital camera, computer, and PDA.

SD Card Reader

This is handy adapter is useful for computers with USB ports - that do not have a built-in SD card slot. It can be plugged directly into any USB port, or use the provided extension cable for hard-to-reach USB ports.

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~ QBOT Parts ~

Each factory-packaged QBOT includes the following:

"Universal" components:

  • QBOT Head - for frames longer than 10', firmware version must be 2.09 or V3
  • QBOT Drive Assemblies (2)
  • QBOT Power Supply

Sewing machine-compatible components:

  • QBOT Wiring Harness
  • QBOT Connector Cord - for certain machines; QBOT firmware version 2.09 or V3
  • QBOT Head Mounting Bracket - certain machines require a special bracket

Frame-compatible components:

  • QBOT Frame Mounting Hardware
  • QBOT Drive Wires - for both x-axis and y-axis



QBOT Drive Wires

Description: These attach to the quilting frame (x-axis) and top carriage (y-axis) and allow the drive assemblies to maneuver the carriage/sewing machine. A "Standard" style set comes with the purchase of a new QBOT.

If you do not see your quilting frame listed, select "Other" and specify below or email for assistance. NOTE: no refunds or exchanges on drive wire purchase(s).

If you are unsure as to which length drive wires you need, you can measure your existing drive wire or take a measurement from your frame/carriage between mounting points. Click HERE for example illustration.


drive wire

CUSTOM AVAILABLE: We're happy to make custom-length drive wires. Provide us with accurate measurement/s in inches, based on one of the examples shown HERE. As with all of our drive wires, there are no refunds or exchanges. Please measure carefully, and indicate whether the measurement is taken from your "existing drive wire" or from the "measurement between attachment points."


NEW for V3 users: We've added two new styles!

  1. Heavy Duty - ideal for quilting which is predominantly with QBOT, and only occasional free motion
  2. Super Duty - ideal for quilting which includes little or no free motion quilting

IMPORTANT: both x- and y- drive wires must be the same style.


On metal frames: (for Pinnacle carriage and/or frame, scroll down)

Purchasing Options
Choose Metal Quilting Frame
Drive Wire Style
Specify Model of Frame
CUSTOM Measurement/s in inches

On wooden frames:

Purchasing Options
Choose Wooden Quilting Frame
Drive Wire Style
Specify Model of Frame
CUSTOM Measurement/s in inches


QBOT Drive Wires on Pinnacle Carriage/Frame

Description: These components attach to the Pinnacle Frame/carriage shown. To purchase, determine where the rear wheel track is assembled, see image at right: A, B, C, D, or E (ours is in the hole denoted as "E"). A "Standard" style set comes with the purchase of a new QBOT.

NOTE: Please denote wheel track assembly in the space provided below. No refunds or exchanges on drive wire purchase(s).

Drive Wire Options
Drive Wire Style
Wheel Track Assembly
Frame Set-up Length




QBOT Wiring Harness
This bundle of cables connects the QBOT Head to the two QBOT Drive Assemblies

QBOT Wiring Harness for mid-arm, $80


Choose Sewing Machine
Specify for "Other"



mid-arm model includes cables for Quilter's Cruise Control connection

QBOT Wiring Harness for long-arm (sewing machine throat space of 15"-18"), $80


Choose Sewing Machine
Specify for "Other"



QBOT Wiring Harness for long-arm (sewing machine throat space of 19" or greater), $95


Choose Sewing Machine
Specify for "Other" or Gammill




QBOT Frame Mounting Hardware
This frame-specific kit includes the hardware required to install the QBOT Drive Assemblies and QBOT Drive Wires onto the selected frame. If your frame is not listed, please contact

On metal frames, $48

Note: If you have an A-1, Bernina Q24, HandiQuilter, or Nolting, see below

Quilting Frame
Specify Make/Model


On wooden frames, priced as marked


Select Frame
Specify Make/Model


On HandiQuilter Systems, $95




On Gammill

Description: This kit is necessary for mounting QBOT onto a Gammill. Please contact for assistance.


On Nolting 12' metal frame, $94



On Bernina Q24 and Q20, $250

Description: This complete installation kit is required for mounting QBOT V3 onto the Bernina Q24 frame.

The kit includes:

  • frame mounting hardware
  • wiring harness
  • connector cord
  • tablet cradle
  • set of drive wires


On A-1 Quilting Machine, $75

NOTE: This kit includes the QBOT Connector Cord.


QBOT Connector Cord

This optional accessory is highly recommend for use with listed long-arm sewing machines. The cable allows the QBOT to start and stop the sewing machine automatically. QBOT Ffirmware version must be 2.09 or V3; earlier versions of QBOT require a firmware upgrade (see Support page for details).

For Pfaff Grandquilter 18.8, Viking Mega Quilter 18x8, Empress Quilter, Nolting Fun Quilter, and certain Tin Lizzie brand sewing machines, $42


Sewing Machine



machine-specific; may differ from shown

For Tin Lizzie King Quilter LE & SE, $42

IMPORTANT: Cord style is based on the plug connection at the rear handlebar port of the King Quilter control box. Select either square phonejack style or round audio style. [Check your machine!!! The cables are different for each model listed]

Sewing Machine Model

For Janome Artistic Liberty 18-8, Aloha Quilting System, $42


Sewing Machine Model


For certain models of: Babylock Jewel & Crown Jewel, HQ16 & HQ18/Avante, and HQ24/Fusion models, $42

NOTE: Prior to order fulfillment/shipment, we will contact you for photo confirmation of plug port compatibility. [To speed things up, you can email photos of your sewing machine, with close ups of the plug ports, immediately after order placement:]

Select Sewing Machine

Connector Cord

RETROFIT: for certain models of Juki Virtuoso/QVP, $80 plus return shipping

To have the QBOT automaticaly start and stop the Juki QVP sewing machine automatically, a handlebar assembly retrofit is required. Please contact with photos of your machine/frame to confirm compatibility.

Click HERE to download the Retrofit Agreement. Once you have confirmation from the Support Team, send the completed form and handlebar assembly to our factory.



Misc. QBOT Components

Part Name: QBOT Drive Assembly

Description: This works in conjunction with the drive wires to enable the carriage/sewing machine to move, reacting to the QBOT. Two of these come standard with purchase of a new QBOT. Price: $650 ea.


Part Name: QBOT Power Supply & Cord

Description: 24-volt DC power supply and cord for use with QBOT. It comes standard with purchase of a new QBOT. Price: $90

Specify Country
Specify for "Other"

power supply shown; (power cord not shown)

Part Name: QBOT Brain/Head

Description: QBOT brain/head, includes a 5 Year Limited Warranty with proof of purchase. No other components included. V3 Price: $4200

Specify Country
Specify for "Other"


Part Name: Version 2.09/V3 QBOT Connector Cord for use with the Artistic Quilter

Description: This cable connects version 2.09 and V3 QBOT to the Artistic Quilter pod. Price: $25


Part Name: QBOT Head Mounting Bracket for Aloha Quilting System, King Quilter, Pfaff P3, and Artistic Liberty 18-8

Description: This metal bracket mounts the QBOT head to the sewing machine. Includes the metal bracket, 2 screws, and 2 acorn nuts. Price: $25

Please select
REQUIRED: QBOT Serial Number



Part Name: QBOT Head Mounting Bracket for Rams Horn Handle

Description: This metal bracket mounts the QBOT head to the sewing machine. Includes the metal bracket, 2 screws, and 2 acorn nuts. Price: $25

REQUIRED: QBOT Serial Number


Part Name: QBOT Head Mounting Bracket

Description: This triangular-shaped metal bracket mounts the QBOT head to the sewing machine. Includes the metal bracket, 3 screws, and 2 acorn nuts (shown at right). Price: $20

REQUIRED: QBOT Serial Number

Part Name: QCC for QBOT

Description: This package includes a sewing machine-specific Quilter's Cruise Control brain, connector cord, and power supply. This is needed for customers who have a QBOT for a mid-arm machine and need stitch regulation. QBOT Serial Number required at time of purchase, provide below.

Purchasing Options
Choose Sewing Machine
REQUIRED: QBOT Serial Number
Specify for "Other"


machine-specific; may differ from shown



~ QBOT Service ~

No longer available after Dec. 15

Version 2.09 Upgrade to existing QBOT Head

  1. Click the "Buy Now" button below.
  2. At checkout, select your method of payment (you do not have to have a Paypal Account). Notice you may select from several payment options, including all major credit cards and "Paypal Credit."
  3. When the transaction is complete, print 2 copies of the Paypal Receipt: one for your records, one to include in the box with the QBOT Head.
  4. Carefully package your version 1 QBOT Head (only) and send with Paypal Receipt to the Lake Forest, IL address indicated - shipment from outside USA, follow "FREE DOMICILE" packaging instructions to avoid additional fees.

If you have ANY questions, please contact us at prior to clicking the "Buy Now" button.

Price: $185 (plus shipping)

Current QBOT Firmware Version
QBOT Serial Number (QB0xxxx)


*International Shipping - Some orders may require additional funds for shipping. Also, please note there may be customs or import duties levied once the package reaches its destination country. Additional charges for customs clearance are the responsibility of the recipient. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you may want to contact your local customs office for further information.